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“We love our Weaver Barn from Amish Yard. Now we have a place for everything! But it’s more than that. We could have bought lots of sheds, but Weaver Barns are just classier than the rest. They’re absolutely Stunning!”



If you can dream it, we can build it!

We currently offer 14 different models with a choice of Vinyl, Premier, and Deluxe siding and a large range of Special Options. We also specialize in custom structures so if you don’t see it here, don’t worry, we can build it. For those looking for something big, please visit our Large Buildings.


Siding Options

Paint/Statin Colors

Delivery Options

Standard Features

Heavy Duty

Storage needs come in all shapes, sizes and weights. What you store may change over time but our heavy floor is built to fit your chaning needs. Going beyond the industry standard of plywood, these treated heavy solid boards protect a vulnerable part of your building for years to come. The toughest floor in the industry.

Heavy Duty 2×8 Tongue & Groove Flooring

How did we do it? Our solid tongue and groove flooring features our exclusive v-groove design to ensure floorboards fit together tightly. This creates a strong, sturdy floor with long term dependability in mind.

Stay Cool

We’ve designed all our barns using a special two-step ventilation system that takes away the nasty heat with a continuous ridge vent. And while all that tropical air is escaping, a soffit ventilation system is drawing in cool, refreshing air. Similar systems are found on most homes. We figured your backyard structure, and its contents, deserve no less. Breathe easy.

Continuous Ridge Vent
Our Continuous Ridge Vent allows the
HOT air to escape… 

Soffit Ventilation System
…as HOT air escapes through the Ridge Vent,
our Soffit Ventilation System draws in COOL air. 

We have designed a door that isn’t only for looks, but is built for the long haul! We have integrated a Triple Frame Design featuring an all screw fastening system for strength and rigidity. Standard Features include Rot Resistant Cedar Trim, heavy Duty barn Hinges and Cane Bolts along with a Keyed Entry Lock. The door opening is also surrounded with a strong framing design with double sided studs and a header. Doorways are the most used part of your building…We got you covered.

Strength you can stand on!