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Vinyl Oblong Gazebo
Vinyl Oblong Gazebo

Vinyl Oblong Gazebo

by Berlin Gardens

Clean vinyl posts call to mind horse country, green grass and blue skies.


Standard Features

Standard Model Includes

White Vinyl

Regular Roof

Asphalt Shingles or Metal

Beaded Ceiling

American Rail

4 x 4 Posts

Fan Brace


Additional Charges:

Add 15% for Clay Color to Base price + Rail Options + Classic Roof + Screen  

Attractive cupolas are standard on most
of our vinyl gazebo models.

Beaded Vinyl Ceiling

Coated Stainless Steel Roof
Reinforcement Plate

Vinyl Clad Posts

Sizes & Styles

10 × 14
w/ White Vinyl, Classic Roof & American Rail

12 × 20
w/ Almond Vinyl, Classic Roof & American Rail


Standard Model

SizeWhite Base PriceClay Base Price
10 x 14985311327
10 x 181139713106
12 x 161105712716
12 x 201279414714

Roof Options

SizeClassic Roof
Shingles To MatchNo Shingle Deduction
10 x 14Standard434-434
10 x 18Standard511-491
12 x 16Standard646-526
12 x 20Standard816-582

Construction Options

SizeBuilt on Site
Excessive Carry
10 x 142604308
10 x 182863371
12 x 162989371
12 x 203472434

Screen, Floor & Ceiling Options

Composite FloorCeiling
10 x 14272239491029
10 x 18301450831114
12 x 16301448561029
12 x 20336166781228
  • No floor option includes anchors.
  • All Prices include carrying structures from the street to the site, not to exceed 150′
  • Excessive distance, carrying up/down steps will incur additional charge, see excessive carry charge
  • Building over objects such as a hot tub or outdoor kitchen, etc. will incur an additional charge of $350
  • Customer responsible for site preparation, unless prior arrangements have been made.

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