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Hampton Wood Pavilion
Hampton Wood Pavilion


by Berlin Gardens

Reminiscent of the architecture found in Long Island’s Hamptons. The richness and warmth of a wood pavilion are unsurpassed, and they create a powerful connection between your backyard setting and the natural world. Made from hand-selected top-grade southern yellow pine, our wood pavilions come in several finish choices for you to enjoy.


Standard Features

Hampton standard model.jpg__PID:33bb5267-0422-469a-997c-8dc4938b25f4

Standard Model Includes

Stained Wood

Regular Roof

Asphalt Shingles or Metal

Arched / Straight Beams & Braces

Hampton 10′ Wire Ready Posts

Fan Brace

Exposed Rafters (No Ceiling)

Treated Southern Yellow Pine  

Additional Charges:

No Stain Deduct 4%
Paint Add 8%
Custom Paint Match Add – $350.00
Chimney Flashing $125

Hand-Selected Natural Wood

Hand crafted by skilled craftsmen

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Made in the USA by skilled craftsman

Attention to Detail. We go the extra mile
to ensure quality.

Sizes & Styles

10 × 10 
w/ Regular Roof & Standard Posts  

14 × 16 
w/ Classic Roof & Straight Beams 

12 × 20  
w/ Straight Beams, 8×8 Posts & Mocha Stain  

6x6 post.jpg__PID:e3b537df-67aa-4eac-a450-c80c52fadf7b

6 x 6 Post

8x8 posts.jpg__PID:b537df67-aa4e-4c64-90c8-0c52fadf7bc0

8 x 8 Post

Hampton posts.jpg__PID:37df67aa-4eac-4450-880c-52fadf7bc0dc

Hampton Post


Prices include delivery within 30 miles of Amish Yard.  We Ship All Over the USA.  Please contact us for a shipping quote if you are outside of our local area | Call – 1-888-264-7493.


Step 1 – Choose Your Size & Roof

SizesPost Amount
Base Price
Classic Roof
Shingles to Match
(Restrictions Apply)

No Shingle or Metal Deduction
10 x 10
10 x 12
10 x 14
10 x 16
12 x 12
12 x 14
12 x 16
12 x 20
14 x 14
14 x 16

Step 2 – Post Up Charges ( Per Post )

Post StylePost Length
(From Surface to Top of Beam)

Hampton Post-65Standard65
6 x 6 Post -86-440
8 x 8 Post 086171

Step 3 – Optional Built On Site

SizesBuilt on Site
Ceiling Install
Excessive Carry
10 x 10
10 x 12
10 x 14
10 x 16
12 x 12
12 x 14
12 x 16
12 x 20
14 x 14
14 x 16
  • Free Delivery within 30-miles of Amish Yard
  • All pavilions include anchors. Please specify ground or concrete anchors
  • 20' Hampton pavilions come standard with 6 posts. 16′ and smaller sizes have 4 posts
  • Custom heights 12' and above the standard overall height add 10% to Built-on-Site
  • For Total Kit Price add: Model + Roof Option + Post Option
  • For Professional Built on Site service add the options above + BOS
  • All Prices include carrying structures from the street to the site, not to exceed 150′
  • Excessive distance, carry up/down steps will incur additional charges, see excessive carry charge
  • Building over objects such as a hot tub or outdoor kitchen, etc. will incur and additional charge or $350
  • Customer responsible for site preparation, unless prior arrangements have been made
  • *Note: All 16′ Hamptons with 4 posts must have straight beams

Step 4 – Choose an Optional Add-on

In addition to all of the features offered on our standard models, we also offer numerous optional upgrades. Pricing for the upgrades can be found in the grids below.

Wood Privacy Wall

  • Privacy wall base prices are listed per side of the structure. Base price x number of privacy wall sides needed = total privacy wall price
  • Privacy walls are designed for, but not excluded to, inside post to inside post of the structure


  • Stained Wood
  • Lattice Top Section
  • Vertical Tongue & Groove bottom Section

Additional Charges:

  • No Stain Deduct 4%
  • Paint Add 8%
Width of Privacy WallPavilion SizeStandardMetalLouveredHorizontalBuild on Site Install
10'Fits between posts of a 10’ pavilion144612761276123456
12'Fits between posts of a 12’ pavilion170115311531150356
14'Fits between posts of a 14’ pavilion195717871787162584
16'Fits between posts of a 16’ pavilion221220422042180184
18'Fits between posts of a 18’ pavilion246722972297195784

Sunbrella Curtains

  • Fabric Group A: (BGST) BG Stripe Tropical, (BR) Brannon Redwood, (BT) Berenson Tuxedo, (CA) Canvas Aruba, (CBK) Canvas Black, (CCA) Canvas Capri, (CGI) Canvas Ginkgo, (CG) Canvas Granite, (CHB) Canvas Heather Beige, (CAHN) Canvas Henna, (CJR) Canvas Jockey Red, (CN) Canvas Natural, (CNV) Canvas Navy, (CASS) Canvas Seasalt, (CASK) Canvas Skyline, (CATB) Canvas True Blue, (CACO) Cast Coral, (CAHO) Cast Horizon, (CALA) Cast Lagoon, (CASG) Cast Sage, (CASL) Cast Slate, (COPB) Comfort Pebble, (CUST) Cultivate Stone, (DOOA) Dolce Oasis, (DUCE) Dupione Celeste, (DUDS) Dupione Deep Sea, (GAIN) Gateway Indigo, (GAMT) Gateway Mist, (MACL) Marvel Cloud, (MAIN) Marvel Indigo, (MASA) Marvel Sage, (MICH) Milano Char, (PAST) Paradigm Stone, (PG) Peyton Granite, (RECL) Remix Camel, (REPA) Remix Parchment, (RESI) Remix Silk, (SAAW) Sail Away Aloe, (SEDE) Spectrum Denim, (SUSU) Surround Sunrise, (TOSU) Token Surfside, (TRCM) Tranquil Camel, (TRLI) Tranquil Linen, (TRSA) Tranquil Sage, (TRCO) Trusted Coast
  • Fabric Group B: (BABR) Bahia Brick, (BAMI) Bahia Mist, (BASA) Bahia Saffron, (BLCO) Blend Coal, (BLLI) Blend Linen, (BLSA) Blend Sand, (IOAL) Iona Alabaster, (IOSP) Iona Spa, (LIPA) Lively Parchment, (LISA) Lively Sage, (PNSP) Ponder Spa

Standard Curtain Panel – 52″ Wide x 89″ Long

Fabric GroupCurtain Panel (Up to 105" Long)Custom Length Curtain Panel (106" to 120" Long)
Fabric Group A185214
Fabric Group B242270
SizeActual Rod LengthNumber of Panels Required
for Full Coverage
Curtain Rods w/ BracketInstall Curtains & Rod
(Per Rod)
10’ Side104"2129211
12’ Side132"3142211
14’ Side156"3157211
16’ Side180"4171211
18’ Side208"4221211
20' Side132"6249212
24' Side156"6264212


  • Curtain Rods & Brackets are available in 3 colors: Black, Bronze and White
  • Additional 52″ wide curtains can be added to any pavilion at the price listed above.
  • Each additional curtain comes with a tie.
  • NOT available in Rain, Sheer or Cut-Yardage Fabrics

Line Drawings

Please Note: Hampton Pavilions with 20’ sides will have 6 posts. Base Dimension: 6” x 6” Square = 10 1/2” x 10 1/2”, 8” x 8” Square = 12 1/2” x 12 1/2”, Hampton Style = 12 1/2” x 12 1/2”

SIZE10' 12’14’16'20'
B (C to C of posts)113 1/4”137 1/4”161 1/4”185 1/4”233 1/4”
C (Regular Roof)130”136”142”148”N/A
C (classic roof)147”153”159”165”N/A
DDistance from bottom of post to bottom of beam is 87”
EDistance from bottom of post to top
of beam is 96”
F (post base size)6" X 6" Square Post= 10 1/2" X 10 1/2"

8" X 8" Square Post= 12 1/2" X 12 1/2"

Hampton Post= 12 1/2" X 12 1/2"

Photo Gallery