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At Amish Yard, we are proud of the materials used to make our Amish Crafted Outdoor Poly Furniture. Each product is made using PolyTuf™ PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER which allows for the fabrication of high tolerance and high value end products servicing a wide range of outdoor markets with hundreds of applications.

Recycled Content PolyTuf is certified to contain a minimum of 95% Recycled Content. A majority of PolyTuf colors is certified to a minimum of 95% Post Consumer Content. A small number of the available colors require a brightness which required the development of a 95% Recycled Content grade comprising of pre & post consumer materials to meet the color, brightness and finish.

PolyTuf is a “Closed Loop Product” which means the manufacture of the poly lumber offers a take back program where the return of fabrication scraps of PolyTuf is reused back into new products.

Certification System Green Circle Certified has conducted an independent, third party evaluations for “Recycled Content” and “Closed Loop Product” claims. Certifications have been issued and are renewed on an annual basis.

Highest Quality

  • Recycled plastic lumber quality begins with controlling the quality of raw material. 100% of HDPE post consumer recycled resin used in making PolyTuf is produced by Tangent in their USA factories and is trademarked PCR-Pure.
  • PCR-Pure™ is 100% Post Consumer Recycled HDPE Resin, bulk blended in 300,000 pound batches offering unparalleled consistency in properties.
  • High quality additives is key — At Tangent, they do not skimp to save pennies because doing so could cost customers dollars in the future.
  • Stable Process Control — Unstable process may produce a good looking part but runs the risk of embedding inherent problems which may not surface as an issue till years later. At Tangent, they are designing and building in-house a majority of our production equipment to ensure reliable and stable process control.
  • Quality focus from start to finish equates to a PolyTuf being recognized as “the” Premium Recycled Plastic Lumber product in the marketplace for quality that cuts like butter, uniform cell structure throughout and allowing typical wood fabrication techniques to produce the finest fit & finish in the industry

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