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Make the Most of the Summer Season

Hello, summer! Finally the summer season is here and the best summer holiday is also on its way. Independence Day! No, we don’t mean the Will Smith alien flick. We’re talking fireworks, cookouts, parades, and a celebration of all the things that make our country amazing. This week we have some tips to make your patriotic party the best on the block.

It won’t be the fireworks causing the stars in your guests’ eyes, it will be your yard! Give your lawn a 4th of July makeover by using spray paint and a star-shaped stencil to mark red, white, and blue stars on your lawn. Create the stencil using a piece of cardboard and a box cutter so your lines are straight. Spray them all over the lawn or just in select areas as accents.

Show off your American pride with a beautiful barn star decorated with the good ol’ stars and bars. Hang it on your porch or high on the side of your home for everyone to see. A colorful barn star adds a pop of color to an otherwise boring wall.

Retreat from the beating sun under one of Amish Yard’s Victoria Vinyl Pavilions. It’s the perfect place to put a picnic table or two so your guests have a spot to sit while they munch on their yummy snacks. Wrap streamers around the rounded posts to make the whole pavilion festive and colorful while you bask in the shade and cool off before heading out for more fun and games.

The weather is bound to be hot by the time 4th of July rolls around so you’ll need something extra to help you cool off besides a little shade. Stay healthy and hydrated this summer with foods rich in H2O like fruits. These Firework Fruit Kabobs will keep you hydrated and happy all day long.

If you’re at a loss for fun games to play out on the lawn with the family, look no further. Amish Yard offers a spectacular croquet set that will have the whole family up on their feet.

Amish Yard knows how to throw an Independence Day shindig and we want to help you make your party the best it can be. How does your family spend the 4th of July? Share your party plans with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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