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Managing Back to School Stress

It’s that time of year once again….back to school! The kids are headed off to their classrooms to fill their heads with new and exciting information. You’re probably going to be a little overwhelmed while getting into the routine of practices and after school activities. Needless to say, It’s going to be stressful! We get it. We’ve got a few helpful tips to make your school days a little more seamless.

Your kids are going to need lunches while they’re at school. Make it easy on yourself and them with these great DIY mason jars lunches. All you’ll need is a mason jar that you probably already have around the house and an empty applesauce container. This will help keep your kids’ lunches compact and will make it much easier to clean up when they bring it home to you. And most importantly, they are a healthy alternative to buying the school’s lunches.

If you have younger children, spending all day sitting in class doesn’t bode well for their massive stores of energy. When they get home, they’ll be running around with pent up energy from the long day of learning. Choose a playset for them to monkey around on. You’ll love seeing them sliding and swinging and hanging all afternoon…better yet it will give you time to prepare dinner without them waiting around getting anxious. You can choose from our selection of featured playsets or customize one to fit your children’s personalities.

The kids are back in school and that means days full of driving around to stores and practices and friends’ houses; it can be a lot! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you need a space to escape from it all. Retreat to your she-shed (or he-shed/man cave) and take a little time to yourself. Learn how to craft your she-shed to your wants and needs here. You’ll need to know what your purpose is before you build it so, take some time to brainstorm beforehand.

Don’t let the back to school blues get the best of you. Keep calm and let Amish Yard help you out whether you’re watching the kids jump around their playset, creating portable school lunches or escaping the madness in your she-shed. We’ve got you covered!

We bet you have some fond (or not so fond) memories of heading back to school! What’s your favorite back to school memory? Share them with us on Facebook!

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