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Savor the Summer with Amish Yard!

It can feel as though summer’s winding down as soon as the 4th of July has passed, but if you count Labor Day as the official end of summer, it means there’s a whole month left to enjoy. This time of year, with summer well underway, it can help to practice gratitude or spend a moment of mindfulness. Summer is a fleeting thing, and no two ever look quite the same. So we suggest savoring what’s left of your summer, appreciating the frenetic pace, with the knowledge that the seasons will soon change.

Tips for Total Summer Satisfaction

To help you make the most of your summer picnics, parties, and pot-lucks, here are some of our favorite products and pointers.

  • Save your sanity with these 30 hacks for keeping the kids busy all summer long. Some of these are so simple and smart, you won’t believe you went so long without them!
  • Whether you’re at the park on a boat, picnics are unpredictable. Protect your beverages and every member of the family with Tervis plastic tumblers and matching spill-proof (and bee-proof) lids. Just for the grown-ups, silicone wine glasses are all the rage.
  • Is your old picnic table full of splinters, lichen, or peeling paint? Bite the bullet and replace it once and for all with a weather-proof poly dining set. The tables and chairs we carry at Amish Yard are built by trusted manufacturers like Luxcraft, Berlin Gardens™, and Polywood®, and they’re made to last.
  • When you’re trying to avoid both bug bites and harmful chemicals, essential oils can make all the difference. Experiment with these recipe variations for homemade bug spray to find the one that works best for you.

Have a lovely Labor Day!

When summer finally does wind down, we hope you’re feeling ready for a respite from travel and activities. Of course, with the start of the school year comes the return of sports and extracurriculars. To give yourself what’s sure to be a much-needed breath of fresh air, we recommend planning your Labor Day holiday as chance to recharge. These cheap things to do on a 3-day weekend will enrich your life without requiring you to go all-out.

Close up for the off-season!

When Labor Day has passed, nesting time will be just around the corner. Do you know where you’ll be storing all your outdoor furniture, sporting goods, and gardening tools for the winter? If you don’t have the right sheltered space (or enough of it) to protect your gear, Amish Yard can help. Our remarkably customizable Sheds and Garages from Weaver Barns will keep your belongings safe and secure, with the precise specifications to meet your storage needs. Just make sure to get everything squared away before the snow starts to fall. After all, nothing inspires dread of the coming spring like hardware that’s been left to the elements all winter!

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