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5 Perks of Poly Furniture

Is it time to replace your old, worn-out, fading outdoor furniture? If so, you’re in luck – and the best possible place.

If you don’t know the perks of recycled outdoor poly furniture, please take a moment to find out the difference before you choose your next dining set, picnic table, or swing.

Furniture made from recycled poly, or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, has several benefits over traditional materials like wood, composite, metal, and even other plastics.

What is Poly Wood?

As you research your options for new furniture, you’re likely to come across many different names for the material we’re talking about. At Amish Yard, we just call it “poly,” but other companies refer to it as “poly wood,” “recycled plastic lumber,” or some variation of those terms. Whatever you call it, this recycled plastic can be used to build beautiful, maintenance-free furniture that has the warm look and textured feel of wood, and that also resists destructive forces and can last a lifetime!

Made from Recycled Materials

recycled milk jugsFurniture and structures made from recycled poly divert plastic bottles and other disposables from the waste stream to give them new life. While Amish Yard carries a few different high-end brands whose manufacturing practices vary a bit, all of our furniture consists of at least 90% recycled material. In addition to using sustainable materials, poly furniture also eliminates the need for the hazardous types of stains, coatings, and chemical treatments that are necessary to maintain the look and durability of wood furniture. It can be cleaned with gentle, environmentally friendly soap and water, but if it gets really dirty, it will withstand pressure-washing up to 1,500 psi!

Year-Round Durability

There are a few ways in which poly is more durable than most other furniture-making materials.

  1. Year round weather safeIt’s impervious to invaders. Mold, mildew, and insects are unable to make their home in poly furniture. Should fungi build up on the surface of your furniture, it can easily be removed using a simple bleach-and-water solution.
  2. It doesn’t absorb water. This prevents the rotting, drying, splintering, and cracking that you see with wood, as well as the rust that threatens metal furniture.
  3. It’s weatherproof. The only true all-season furniture, poly can withstand both the summer heat of southern climates and the freezing temperatures that accompany northern winters. Prolonged sun, salt spray, and sleet are all neutralized by this durable material.
  4. It’s resistant to corrosive substances. Oils, fuels, and chlorine pose no danger to your poly furniture.

High-quality poly furniture is also more dense and heavier than plastic furniture, making it far less likely to blow away in windy conditions.

Color Customization & Retention

Custom poly furniture color optionsThe endless array of color options is one of the coolest things about poly furniture. Color options can match any Pantone color, or mimic natural hues like sand, teak, and mahogany. If you need a color or combination that’s not offered on our website, just let us know that you’re interested in discussing custom colors.

Put plainly, our high-end poly furniture will not fade. Better yet, its brilliant color is dispersed throughout the material from the surface to the core, very unlike a coat of paint. Even if you manage a deep scratch, the color will continue to shine through.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Mortise & TenonThe USA-made products we offer at Amish Yard represent a unique combination of craftsmanship and sustainable materials. Among our better-known poly furniture partners are Berlin Gardens, LuxCraft and PolyWood. You might say that we curate an array of products that share some traits in common. The quality of construction is unmatched in the poly furniture marketplace. All of our outdoor poly furniture is crafted using mortise-and-tenon joinery with stainless steel hardware and aluminum bracing. These products are not only made from recycled material, but also LEED certified and engineered to provide no-fade, high-quality performance. All of our suppliers, with the exception of Polywood®, use industry-leading Tangent Poly, which is not only LEED certified but also annually audited and certified to comply with 2012 FTC Green Guidelines.

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