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Poly’s Perfect for Coastal Living

There’s a phenomenon sweeping coastal communities. You may have noticed the addition of remarkably durable slides and benches in your local park. Some of your favorite bayside snack shacks have likely upgraded their seating. Even public trashcans in many coastal communities have been adorned with sturdy new covers. And that’s saying nothing of what’s taking center stage on the balconies of your friends and neighbors.

So, what gives?

Poly Furniture has hit the big-time.

Poly’s Perfect for Coastal Living. Recyled milk containerIt wasn’t until the 1980s that government recycling programs started churning out mountains of recycled plastics. Even then, it took engineers years to discover that this highly sustainable “raw” material could be used to make beautiful, durable, color-safe furniture. Over the last few years, municipalities, small businesses, and homeowners have been discovering recycled poly furniture with growing momentum. That growth exploded in 2016 when industry leading manufacturer Polywood saw sales of its classic poly resin Adirondack chair nearly double over the previous year.

Taking it Coastal

Quality Poly Furniture HardwareThe growing interest in poly furniture is primarily due to its benefits over traditional materials like wood, metal, and lighter plastics. The perks of poly go far beyond its waste-preventing production to include colorfastness, year-round durability, and resistance to everything from termites to mold. These features are valuable to people all over the United States and the world, but it’s not hard to see why those living close to the coasts find recycled poly to be more reliable and easier to take care of than any other type of furniture.

Outdoor Living by the Sea

All those reasons you spend your time next to a body of water are life-affirming for you and your family. They’re awesome. They inspire you to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air of the outdoors. The thing is, all that sunshine, salt spray, and genuine nature can do a number on your furniture. That’s why, one by one, traditional balcony sets are being replaced with recycled poly balcony sets. Why worry about covering or bringing in your dining set all the time when you can have a vibrant, water-repellent patio set that features cushions upholstered with Sunbrella performance fabric?

Wonderful on the Waterfront

outdoor furnitureMaintaining your seaside home or cottage is no simple feat. It takes extra commitment to keep up with the elements. In the past, waterfront homeowners have fallen into one of two groups: those who replace their outdoor furniture often and those who stretch out damaged dining sets, sacrificing comfort for cost. The advent of poly furniture didn’t just improve one of those groups; it made a whole new one – those who invest in furniture made to stay beautiful and last a lifetime, even under the harshest conditions.

How does Poly Furniture outperform?

  • Repelling water to avoid warping and accommodate soggy bottoms
  • Being impervious to sand, wind, rain, and chemicals
  • Retaining brilliant original color
  • Standing up to years of sun exposure
  • Resisting Rust
  • Staying put when winds whip up
  • Never needing to be repainted, refinished, or repaired
  • Decades-long manufacturer warranties
  • Putting plastic waste to good use & preserving natural resources
  • Keeping out bees, ants, mold, fungus, termites – you name it!

Why Amish Yard?

All right, we admit it. We don’t have any showrooms on the beach. We do, however, have actual showrooms (not just a website), and we do offer poly furniture with a few unique perks.

The first is our customer service. We’re here to connect people with furniture that they’ll love, along with a customer experience they love even more. We deliver to homeowners and companies all over the United States.

The second is our commitment to quality. Amish Yard carries the highest-quality Tangent poly from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. We’re honest about our products, and we will not mark up lower-density poly to stretch profits.

The third is our willingness to customize. While most retailers limit customization options, especially for homeowners, we open up the whole realm of possibility to make sure our customers get precisely what they want.

Go Ahead — Adorn Your Deck!

recycled poly balcony setAs a private outdoor space that’s easily accessible, your deck or patio is one of the best places for functional furniture. Now that you know what makes poly furniture so great for life along the water, you can outfit your outdoor space in style. Take advantage of those wonderful coastal breezes with a swing. If you love to entertain, max out your relaxation space with deep seating. With poly-resin furniture, the possibilities are endless.

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