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Celebrate the Changing Seasons!

The weather might be stuck in summer, but the calendar sure isn’t. We’re in the midst of Autumn, and seasonal experiences abound. Even if you do it in shorts, be sure to lose your way in a corn maze, hop aboard a hayride, and wander around an apple or pumpkin farm before those opportunities fade. In our diverse climate, the change of seasons gives us pause to wonder at natural beauty, indulge in the abundance of the harvest, and reflect on our ever-changing lives. Should life offer you the chance to slow down and take stock before the holiday season hits, go ahead and take it.

Fall is for Festivals

Celebrate the Changing Seasons!The United States is remarkable at throwing fall festivals. Massachusetts has a cranberry festival. The Adirondacks have a balloon extravaganza. Hawaii celebrates coffee. Whatever region you find yourself in, there’s bound to be a hoopla over the local harvest. If you feel like making merry outside your home zip code, check out this list of the 20 of the best fall festivals in the U.S. to celebrate the season.

Time to Fall Back

This occasion is more about the change than the season. And since it rules out any chance of enjoying daylight after work, it’s kind of a bummer for a month or two. You don’t want to forget to “fall back,” so set a reminder to turn the clocks back the night of November 4th, as daylight savings time ends at 2:00 am EST on Sunday, November 5th. Or you could let Siri or Alexa do it for you.

Fabulous Flavors

Celebrate the Changing Seasons!Not sure what do with all that zucchini? You can only make whatever’s-in-the-fridge soup so many times. This is harvest time we’re talking about! Even if you don’t get creative in the kitchen very often, the flavors of Fall make it worth printing out a few recipes and cranking up the oven while you watch football. Fortunately, all those squash, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts lend well to slow cooking. Combine some detail-oriented prep-cheffing with a well-minded timer and the savory flavors of Fall will elevate your culinary output in no time. Actually, there will be many hours of simmering, but you’ll be free to rake leaves or carve pumpkins while that takes place behind the scenes. To inform your grocery list, check out these autumnal slow-cooker creations.

End-of-Summer Clearance Sales

Celebrate the Changing Seasons!There’s change afoot on the sales floor, too! From appliances to grills to bicycles, just about everything goes on sale in the Fall to make room for next year’s models. Our inventory is no different. If you’re celebrating the local harvest in Pittsburgh or passing through the area while leaf peeping, stop in and see us at one of our stores! Amish Yard’s End-of-Year Clearance is one of our biggest sales of the year. Maybe you’ll pick up a shed on sale just as you’re getting ready to stash away your outdoor furniture for the winter. Plus, you’ll find display furniture, structures, playsets – everything at a deep discount.

Big Savings at Amish Yard’s In-Store-Only Clearance Sale:

  • 20% OFF all display furniture
  • 20% OFF all display furniture
  • 15% OFF new furniture orders
  • 20% OFF select sheds, structures & playsets

These high-quality brands are rarely discounted, so it’s a sale worth celebrating.

If you can’t make it to Western Pennsylvania but are interested in ordering some poly furniture or an Amish-built shed, give us a call. We’ll see what we can do 🙂

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