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Save The Earth: One Chair at A Time

One million: That is a large number; that is also how many plastic water bottles are purchased around the world every minute. We can all agree that is simply a staggering number, you can understand why there’s been such a push in recent years for reusable options. It’s not just about saving an extra dollar or two every time you get thirsty. Plastic waste is at an all-time high, but thankfully, there are some unlikely innovators hoping to solve that problem, and their solutions are guaranteed to look pretty in and around your home.

Furniture and home decor manufactures have turned perfected the recycling process of not only plastic water bottles, but milk jugs as well. There is massive potential in these used materials to make something new again. With companies making everything from dining chairs to garden walls with the help of recycled H20 containers, there’s hope for the manmade material to find life beyond the landfill.

Save The Earth: One Chair at A TimeWe at Amish Yard are proud to sell our poly furniture which is made up of PolyTuf™ which is a PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER. It has been designed, built and fabricate with high tolerance with a wide range of outdoor markets with hundreds of applications.

Recycled Content PolyTuf is certified to contain a minimum of 95% Recycled Content. A majority of PolyTuf colors is certified to a minimum of 95% Post Consumer Content. A small number of colors our customers specify require a brightness which required us to develop a 95% Recycled Content grade comprising of pre & post consumer materials to meet the color, brightness and finish.

Want to learn more about our recycled material? Contact one of our outdoor furniture experts today!

Looking to see the variety of furniture styles and colors available? Shop our line of outdoor poly furniture now!

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